A Quick SMAC: Twitter Teetering on X-Tinction

Elon Musk, the boykie from Pretoria made good, seemed to be a man with the Midas touch.  Since buying Twitter he now seems to rather have a touch of madness.  From the get go, he was not only all over the place, he was all over the planet, if not, all over space.  He has managed to alienate just about everyone with x-twiteratti looking more like a bunch of Angry Birds. 

His unprecedented success has led to excessive arrogance and hubris where he is no longer content to be the smartest man in the room, but the smartest man on the planet (and Mars as well) and is prepared to use up some of his considerable fortune and go down in flames trying to prove this.

He thought that by bringing the X-factor to Twitter he would be creating yet another success story.  Instead, X, formerly known as Twitter, has joined the busted flushes like Artist, formerly known as Prince and Ye, formerly known as Kanye.  Soon everyone will be calling him Prick, formerly known as Musk.

In his latest act of self-destruction, when major advertisers suspended their accounts due to his support of an anti-semitic post, his response on public TV to the was to explete, “Go f**k yourself!”

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