A SMAC in the Face #64: The Pesky Fly in the ANC’s Fetid Ointment

The ANC has a symbiotic relationship with shit.  In the 30 years in charge of the country, the ANC has created a pile of doggy do and then has fed off of that individually and organisationally.  Jacob Zuma is the embodiment of that.  He has been both the creator in chief and the parasite in chief.  He has also been the main shit stirrer.  No more so than when he shocked the ANC and political commentators just before Christmas by announcing that he is going to vote for the MK Party while remaining an ANC member.

Just before Christmas, Jacob Zuma regurgitated over the hand that nurtured him, protected him and made him Secure in Comfort, by announcing that although he remains an ANC member, he will be voting for the MK Party next year.  SMAC could not have delivered a bigger smack in the face than that.  Mondli Makhanya, of the City Press wrote of “the pesky fly that won’t go away.”

Nobody likes flies.  They are persistent, annoying and they bring diseases.   They shit on everything they land on and vomit up juices to dissolve their food.  A preponderance of flies indicates that there’s something rotten around the place.  They also lay their eggs in the food and before you know it, it’s riddled with maggots.  A disciplined cadre in the ANC’s lexicon has nothing to do with their morality.  It just means someone whose blood is black, green and yellow, a particularly bilious combination.  In fact, they go out of their way to protect and find positions for the incompetent and corrupt all over the place as long as they don’t rock the ANC boat.  In Zuma’s case, they were not only prepared to die for him but the ANC Woman’s League was prepared to defend him with their buttocks – Mokonaye, 2014.  Now that would have been a sight to behold.  She could singlehandedly cause seismographs to fibrillate.  Thus, the ANC has turned into a cesspool full of buzzing flies and crawling maggots.

Of course, Makhanya was referring to the problems JZ was causing for the ANC itself.  However, similar to a stone dropped into a pond, the shit sloshed and oozed wider than the ANC to encompass the whole country, turning it into a fetid shitscape.  There were many contributors to the process, but JZ stands out.  To protect himself from his corruption charges, he surrounded himself with a bunch of lackeys.  We are talking about the terminally stupid Bathabile and Mokonaye who managed to wreck Social Grants and Water and Sanitation, David ‘Happy Endings’ Mahlobo who, as Security Minister, was more interested in protecting JZ and the ANC than the country, the oleaginous Arthur Fraser who twice got JZ off the hook,  Des van Rooyen who was dubbed a ‘Weekend Special’ Min of Finance, the Gupta stooge, the delinquent Dudu Myeni who turned SAA into a dodo and Gigaba and Moyane who were all flash and no substance, to name but a few.

After seven years at the helm, the ANC finally did something right – they sidelined him into yapping dog irrelevance.  Well, not quite.  The country first had to live through his last spasm as KZN convulsed in an unprecedented rampage when he was taken to jail for showing Justice Zondo the middle finger a number of times.  After the slimy Fraser had secured his release, the ANC hoped he would retire to Zuma’s version of the Playboy mansion where he could play hide and seek, or is it hide the sausage, in the secure bunker rooms at Nkandla – JZ’s idea of safe sex.

It was not to be as JZ is now jerking the ANC around.  It could not have happened to a more deserving bunch.

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