African Road Blocks

This is why I love Africa. A trip to the bush is what reconnects one with nature and its primal soothing influence. As one basks in the wishful thinking that this represents the idyll before the advent of mankind, reconsider one’s opinion.

The stark reality is that for both predator and prey life is precarious. For the prey especially herbivores, a carpet of vegetation is all that is required for sustenance. Just as crucial, if not more so, is the tenet of the survival of the fitness or in some cases the survival of the lucky. Any ailment however trivial or bad luck by being in the wrong place at the wrong time is hazardous to one’s longevity.

On the other hand, if the predator the same principles apply. Even an ailment as innocuous as cat flu, can incapacitate a lion sufficiently to prevent it being able to catch prey.

Animal road Blocks#2 Animal road Blocks#3 Animal road Blocks#4 Animal road Blocks#5 Animal road Blocks#6 Animal road Blocks#7 Animal road Blocks#8 Animal road Blocks#10

Below are examples of the only road blocks that one will experience in a game reserve. Instead of showing impatience, as is one’s wont, one will enjoy the view as the animals unhurriedly amble across the road & block the traffic.

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