An Array of Stunning Photographs

Perhaps this series of photographs should be called eclectic as there is no overarching theme aside from their evident beauty. Perhaps one can invent a collective noun for stunning photographs. I propose an old English word now is disuse but which I can still recall from studying Latin under the tutelage of Mr Wright at Alexander Road High School in the late 1960’s. How about pulchritude of photographs? No. It doesn’t take your fancy. Too old fashioned?


Stunning photographs#20 Stunning photographs#19 Stunning photographs#18 Stunning photographs#17 Stunning photographs#16 Stunning photographs#15 Stunning photographs#14 Stunning photographs#13 Stunning photographs#12 Stunning photographs#11 Stunning photographs#10 Stunning photographs#9 Stunning photographs#8 Stunning photographs#7 Stunning photographs#6 Stunning photographs#5 Stunning photographs#4 Stunning photographs#3




  1. There is some really amazing photography here. I have noticed that a lot of them do not have a copyright mark or identification of where they came from. Out of curiosity, where have you found these photos or are they taken by your selves. I think that if I were to have taken any of them I would like to have some credit for that.


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