Brilliant but Low Tech Ideas

Whenever one hears of innovations, computers, cellphones, GPS and other high tech gadgets come to the fore. Whilst these inventions undoubtedly have made life convenient and more pleasurable, one must not only be captivated by technology. 

These photographs illustrate an array of low tech solutions to everyday problems that would also enhance our lives.

 Main picture: This holder for McDonald’s fries will resolve my problem when eating and driving. Naturally not eating while driving would be another solution but who wants to eat while parked at a McDonald’s


How about a dual cap toothpaste? Instead of attempting to roll the tube up, just use the other cap. No more fights with my wife about wasting useable toothpaste


Instead of cuddling my pillow, I can now stretch my arm out


All banks have their own rule about denominations. For once, the customer is given a choice


No more elbow grease required


With no tables handy, this is an ideal solutions. I abhor holding my glass all afternoon


A gym locker with cellphone charging facilities


A combined cutting board with a "spout"/canal

A combined cutting board with a “spout”/canal



A change room with a difference. It is a winter simulator to try on winter clothes in freezing conditions


No need to shout to attract a waiters attention


A strip of ice on the bar

stairs roll-on-butter mini-kids-door grocery-shelf

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