Can there ever be somebody worse than Sheldon Cooper?

I daresay that some TV watchers have not yet viewed at least a few episodes of the award winning show “The Big Bang Theory.”  If not, they would not have had to wince, cringe or shake their heads in horror at the lead character, Sheldon Cooper, a complex mosaic of child prodigy with a genius level IQ, highly idiosyncratic behaviour, lack of humility, empathy or tolerance of weaknesses in lesser mortals. 

Coupled with a tenuous understanding of humour, he also exhibits extreme difficulty in recognising irony and sarcasm in other people. 

If not, I hereby usher in a whole host of similar infuriating geniuses except that they actual operate in the real world. 

Main picture: Technically correct, but why be condescending?

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Before you stop laughing at these inane comments, just reflect on what you might sound like to the intellectually challenged that live among us.


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