George Dix-Peek: Port Elizabeth’s First Architect [1839-1901]

A lasting legacy has been left by George Dix-Peek in his adopted town of Port Elizabeth in the form of some well-known buildings. Ironically his grandson, Milton Dix-Peek, also had ambitions of becoming an architect but WW2 intruded in his studies. Sadly, after the war he did not resume his studies.

Main picture: George Dix-Peek circa 1874 in colonial military attire

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Barry Richard Cornish – In Memoriam

1st February 1954 to 13th February 2016

If I had to ask God just one question what would it be? “Why take Barry so young” or perhaps rather, “Why Barry?” Such were the questions that swirled in my mind when I heard that Barry had passed away from a stroke. The final question – a rhetorical one I suppose – posed to humanity in general is why we do not celebrate somebody’s achievements and their life before that person passes away. Why reserve it for the eulogies after their death? Shouldn’t we verbalise the positive that we feel about our friends and family.

So it was with Barry.

Main picture: Barry Cornish with son, Craig

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