Alex of Yore: The Formative Years

Alex refers to my Alma Mater and not what generally springs to mind: Alexandra, a squalid township in Gauteng, or Alexandria, a town in the Eastern Cape. O.K. Maybe Alma Mater is a bit posh having been derived from Latin and does not refer to one’s mater or mother.  Instead it refers to one’s old school, in this case, Alexander Road High School.  

With few exceptions, what one most vividly recalls of one’s schooling, are various incidents involving fellow pupils or teachers. This series of blogs will mostly cover these experiences. It also goes without saying that certain teachers will be covered, and their quirks and idiosyncrasies exposed.

This blog, however, will break that norm in covering how the school was started, the school motto and song derived and its formative years until 1972.

Main picture: Alexander Road High School from the fields

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