Another Quiz to Test your General Knowledge

It seems that most of you scored higher than me on the quiz the other day. Here is another one but which a geographical favour. Some are well known such as the highest point on the earth or the country that consumes the most food per annum. Others are less obvious such as which country consumes the most alcohol per annum or which area has the least rainfall. The answer has to be a desert but which one?

I cannot attribute the author as the person is unknown but I can thank Alan who graciously emailed it to me. The email was timeous as I was just putting pen to paper about the Omar al-Bashir / ICC commitment debacle.

Main picture: Where is the world’s hottest place. Answer further below

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Quiz for people who know everything

We all know somebody who knows everything. They are usually tiresome as they have the game of one-upmanship down to a fine art. Any conversation degenerates into a monologue as debate and discussion is impossible. Conceding a point is not part of their agenda. A variant of this personality type is the person who has contracted every time of disease and ailment known to mankind and survived them all.

Undoubtedly a close relation of ours who bores all and sundry with her latest ailment will be the first South African to contract MERS. Not surprisingly her Facebook account is littered with well-wishers consoling comments about her bad luck. Instead of applying the unwritten rule not to sympathise, their remarks pander to the person’s game.

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