Arranged Marriages: What’s Love got to do with it

A Personal View – April 2014

The concept of romance & marrying somebody that one loves is a fairly recent innovation in human affairs. If one believes that this is an outdated practice especially in Western Society, I will disabuse you of that fact.

Let us take the contemporary case of Shrien Dewani. Firstly a caveat: I have not been following the case nor am I aware of his sexual orientation but what I am aware of is that he was obligated to marry somebody that he did not want to. Despite being classified as a desirable or stunning woman by most normal males, this fact has no bearing on whether he would reciprocate her love or make a desirable marriage partner. Clearly he would not.

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Book Review: The God Delusion by Richard Dawkins

Provocative examination of the case against Religion

Rating: 5 out of 5

With his indomitable spirit & lucidly argued analysis, Richard Dawkins comprehensively demolishes the deeply held beliefs buttressing the rationale for religion.

He skillfully exposes all the claims made by the various religious movements & society in general that Religion is the arbiter of morality & bedrock of morality. This is convincingly proved to be totally fallacious.

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Monogamy: Is it merely a Societal Construct?

This is not normally a topic on which I would dwell even though it is so beloved of the pulp fiction & popular weekly magazines but it raises my awareness from time to time. This time it was an article about a Jewish Rabbi who decries the loss of lust in marriage. That concept certainly caught my attention, if nothing else, before I was forced to read the article.

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