Mampara for May 2014: Julius Malema

Julius Malema # 1

First we had young Julius, who had forgotten the good manners that his mother had taught him as a wee youth, profusely apologising to various people for his uncouth, slanderous & disparaging comments that he had made when he in charge of the ANCYL. He politely explained to Thabo “he with the pipe” Mbeki’s aged mother that he had been young and immature when he spoke those despicable and insensitive words.

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My Hero of the Month: Thuli Madonsela – May 2014

Thuli Madonsela

As a young pre-school child, my maternal grandmother taught me a handful of Xhosa words, many of which I remember to this day. Amongst them was the word thula meaning to be quiet.

Zuma must be rueing the day that he appointed Thuli as Public Protector. As a male chauvinist and conforming to all the outdated cultural beliefs of his ancestors, he would have expected her to keep quiet and to know her place in society.

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Mampara for 16th April 2014-SABC & IEC and advert by DA


A Personal View

First the SABC decided not to flight an election advert by the DA [Democratic Alliance] on the grounds that it maligns Jacob Zuma. They allege that the Nkandla affair has not been proven in a court of law therefore it is prejudicial to him.

Then the IEC [Independent Election Commission] stepped in & announced that it could not arbitrate on the issue until after the Easter long weekend because nobody was available to chair it despite its rules clearly stating that conflicts arising from adverts have to be resolved within 48 hours.

In its rush to prove that they are thoroughbred lackeys of the ANC, both parties revealed their biased hand early in this election campaign.


Both the IEC Chairperson Pansy Tlakula & SABC’s Acting COO Hlaudi Motsoeneng need to urgently go on refresher  training regarding the meaning of the words independence, freedom of speech & what the concept of free & fair elections mean but I fear that the notions are too esoteric especially for Hlaudi who does not even hold a Matric Certificate.


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Mampara for May 2014: Julius Malema



Mampara for 16th April 2014-SABC & IEC and advert by DA