Oddities of Nature

Evolution has the ability to mould creatures into an infinite array of shapes and configurations. What makes many of these animals unique is not so much because they are different – they undoubtedly are – but due to the fact that many of them combine features of disparate geneses and species.

The incomparable David Attenborough has introduced me to a few especially the star-nosed mole which has feelers protruding from where its nose should be positioned and the disgusting naked mole rat which even at birth has the body of a wrinkled superannuated rat on its death bed.

Main picture: The star-nosed mole which only its mother could love

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Animals in Unusual Poses

This is a series of photographs with animals in different poses, some fatuous and others charming but all evoke a pleasing response. Is this an animal’s innate ability or do they surreptitiously attend acting and drama lessons when their owners are not at home? Whatever the truth of these assertions, pets, especially kittens and puppies with their cute adorable expressions, make their actions even more lovable.

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What are you trying to do to me?

Animals can be as expressive as humans. It is this attribute which endears them to us humans and ensures that we adopt them and pamper them. In this series of photographs, their human owners or companions are attempting acts as banal as attempting to wash them or take them to the vet.

In no uncertain manner do they demonstrate their displeasure at such a sadistic activity.

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More Remarkable Playmates

Yesterday’s blog showcased three separate stories on unusual animal friendships or playmates. Here is another. In this case it is between an elephant and a dog.

Barak, a Basenji dog – a breed from Central Africa, owned by a game ranger in the Kruger National Park, clearly has eyes for this elephant. In order to communicate better with the dog, the elephant reciprocates and gets down to the dog’s level.

This incident occurred in 2014 at the home of Louis Olivier who lives at Skukuza, the main camp in the Kruger Park.

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Unusual Animal Behaviour

I was always under the mistaken belief that it was only my pets which exhibited this usual behaviour. Now I have become aware that all pets suffer from the same psychological problem: the opposite of agoraphobia.

After viewing these photographs does your pet also require the services of a trained animal behaviourist in order to overcome their belief that something that they could sleep in as a puppy or kitten is no longer suitable as a fully grown animal?

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