Historical Monthly Vehicle Sales in SA, 1960 – 2020: A Reflection of Events and Society


  1. June 1976 – Soweto Riots and preceded by the invasion of Angola in October 1975.
  2. 15 August 1985 – Rubicon speech when PW Botha dashed hopes of a ‘soft’ landing for Apartheid.  This had been preceded by more than a year of money outflows and devaluation of the Rand
  3. 27 April 1994 – Democratic elections
  4. 5 October 2007 – Dow peak before subprime crisis
  5. 15 September 2008 – Lehman Brothers files for bankruptcy
  6. 27 March 2020 – Covid lockdown


  1. Good economic growth rate in the 60’s and early 70’s.
  2. Tumultuous times and the uncertain future kept sales flat for roughly 26 years.
  3. The rise of the nouveau riche with AA and BEE seriously kicking in.
  4. Subprime crisis and the global recession and its resolution.
  5. The onset of serious state capture and the policy chickens coming home to roost. The drop in car sales started in about 2012 pushing car sales back to 1975 levels although the population had increased by 2.3 times over that period – not a pretty sight and it is mirrored by our massive unemployment and a nearly bankrupt fiscus.

South Africa at Sunset

Dawn and sunset must be the two most enchanting times to be in the bushveld. The magical colours combined with a sense of expectation, a primeval spirit redolent of eons in the past subsumes one within the tranquillity of the age-old bush. The menacing unmistakeable roar of a far-off lion, the deadly grunt of a hippopotamus or the trumpeting of an elephant in the foreground all form part of the bush life.

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The Namib and Namibia: Vistas and Animals Galore

Namibia is a cruel, wild and unforgiving place. Most of the landmass comprises inhospitable desert and semi-desert. Despite this it is home to a full complement of wild animals. The most remarkable are the desert elephants. It even has the desert hyena which is forced to scavenge along the barren coast line. For such a huge country, it only comprises a population of 2 million people. Yet despite these scenes of desolation, its vistas are stunning.

Main picture: The Orange River somnambulantly winds its way through the arid Richtersveld
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Cape Town in all its Splendor

Cape Town must easily rank as the most stunning city in South Africa. Some Vaalies condescencingly claim that if there was no mountain, Cape Town would be a fraction of itself. There is truth in this assertion but Cape Town is so much more that one mountain. Its historical heritage, its colourful people, especially the Cape Coloureds with their own enchanting vernacular add a surreal mix to the equation.

The hinterland also bears a mention. With its numerous wine farms first introduced to South Africa with the arrival of the French Hugenots in the 1700s, add another flavour to the various strains that is the Cape.

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The Friendly City – Port Elizabeth – My Home Town

For me Port Elizabeth represents my roots, physically and emotionally. It was only the lack of work opportunities after I had completed my Articles of Clerkship, that I was forced to relocate to Joburg in 1980. Emotionally it is more that the place where I grew up, went to school and university. My roots go much deeper than that. One of the first citizens of Port Elizabeth was my great great great grandfather. With his house at Number 7 Castle Hill being a National Monument, I can truly feel a part of Port Elizabeth’s illustrious history.

Main picture: The central suburb of Port Elizabeth.

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Spectacular Pictures from around the World

Have you ever wondered why my blogs have an overabundance of images in them? Even if I cannot find appropriate images on Google for an arcane subject such as euthanasia, I will instead embed images of winter scenes to evocate the response that I am endeavouring to achieve. According to the Pew Research Centre, the emotion and attention engendered by an image will result in an Internet User being 7.4 times more likely to click on the content.

Evocative images can more succinctly represent the essence of a story than a thousand worlds.

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The Sublime Transition from Summer to Autumn

Autumn is the time when summer packs away its spritely greenery and instead dresses up in its autumn colours before it finally adopts its drab winter’s hues. During the transition, the fashion stakes predominate with the reddish tones and tints with not even a tincture of green protruding.

The vibrancy of summer evanesces into a more sedate insouciant mellow undertone with indolent trysts amongst cavorting leaves slothfully cartwheeling across the ground.

Such are the emotions that autumn evokes in me.


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Stunning photographs that Inspire

Stunning photographs from around the world. Pictures of sailfish attacking a shoal of sardines to the pinnacle of Sgurr Dearg on Scotland’s Isle of Skye, this gallery has them all. The picture of a Hindu festival was mainly included because I am enraptured by the stunning sublime colours produced by the commingled light and smoke.

 Main picture: Light and smoke commingle to cast a misty glow over devotees during Rakher Upobash, a Hindu fasting festival, in Bangladesh

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