Close Call: Huge boulder smashes through Barn

Boulders falling off a mountain totally demolished a barn while barely missing a farmhouse

For a few minutes, in mid January 2014, a quiet farm in Northern Italy became a scene of complete insanity as a boulder that had careened down the mountain behind the farm barrelled through the barn like it was constructed of no more than toothpicks, leaving it utterly demolished.

This has happened before. But not for a very long time. Standing as a testament to the possibility of a massive rock falling off the mountain, the rock in foreground of this picture has been in the field for years…

Boulder through barn#2 Boulder through barn#3 Boulder through barn#4 Boulder through barn#5 Boulder through barn#6

Looks like little Brother finally came to see his big Brother!

Another rock broke free at the same time as the one that ruined the barn, but it came to a stop just barely shy of the farmhouse.

Despite the thoroughness of the wreckage, no one was hurt in this bizarre accident.



  1. The tent cabins at Curry Village, formerly known as Camp Curry, in Yosemite valley were built between boulders. When folk realized that the boulders had come from Glacier Point, 2600 feet above, they moved the tent cabins closest to the valley wall further away.


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