Come back Chris. All is forgiven

This statement refers to the now long-forgotten outrage of Chris Hart, the Chief Economist of Standard Bank, for brazenly tweeting that Blacks in South Africa harbour a sense of entitlement. 

For me what was truly remarkable about this incident was the selective outrage and morality. 

Main picture: Chris Hart, ex Standard Bank Economist 

Nearly a year after Chris Hart was disciplined by Standard Bank for this tweet and vitriolically branded a racist by all and sundry, he is still stands accused even though various commentators have pointed at that none other than Mandela referred to the sense of entitlement.  Eight other ANC worthies (including Mbeki) also referred to the idea of entitlement

The latest to use these terms is Euphonix, a black DJ of moderate reputation.

Why is none of these people being pilloried like Chris Hart?

Why the hypocrisy?

DJ Euphonik

DJ Euphonik

In a recent article, Professor Jansen, Vice Chancellor of Free State University, bemoans a similar recent incident where selective outrage was in evidence. While he condemned the “coffin case” unreservedly, he lamented the fact that on the same day a young girl of four year’s old was raped yet the incident which is surely more egregious than the “coffin case”, barely attracted any condemnation?

Again, one must question why is there selective morality & outrage.


Is this reaction similar to the one which I experienced when chairing Disciplinary Hearings where the accused was Black. Without fail, the Union’s defence was based upon the maxim that the charge of theft could only have arisen due to racism due to the complainant being white.

A friend explained it as follows, “I’m not sure why you find this puzzling.  The word “entitlement” has the same standing as the word “nigger”.  It’s okay to use it, but only if you’re black.

Maybe his theory is valid but is it merely a blunt weapon with which to bludgeon whites in South Africa. In the same vein, one would be labelled anti-Semitic if one told an anti-Jewish joke whereas a Jew could relate the same joke without offence being taken.

Tito Mboweni was incensed by Hart's tweet yet he himself is the recipient of that self-same entitlement

Tito Mboweni was incensed by Hart’s tweet yet he himself is the recipient of that self-same entitlement

Finally, it remains to be seen whether Euphonix, or Mbeki for that matter, will be vilified for alleging that blacks harbour a sense of entitlement.

I won’t hold my breath.

Will Chris ever be forgiven?

Don’t bet on it either.



  1. We need more guys like Chris, to teach the unteachable.
    And, I see that the 3 day Fin Min has told those very old Vets
    that they must read and watch New Age and Gupta TV.
    This is a classic reality of state capture.


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