Do animals have empathy and do they display emotion?

I am unsure whether all animals have the capacity for empathy and emotion, but there are sufficient examples to demonstrate that in certain animals it is true. Anecdotally there are sufficient examples to validate this supposition even with one’s own pets. The death of one dog will not affect all of one’s other dogs equally but generally there is one which displays which is equivalent to pining or even grieving. The symptoms that they manifest are akin to a human’s grief. Their actions usually include a regular inspection of their sleeping quarters. As it would a Herculean task to prove this hypothesis, this blog is merely a collection of stories from the web.

 Main picture: The owners let this dog loose with his chain still on due to a house fire. The dog rushed into the fire and ran out with this kitten…

Animals are indubitable brighter than people presume. Take the example of spacial orientation. A quick test will determine whether one’s pet possesses this ability. Block one path to a location in one’s house or property and observe them. Usually without missing a beat they will arrive at that location. Clearly a layout of the house is imprinted on their brain.

A monkey and a kitten

This is not to say that animals possess higher order ability namely emotion. Elephants appear to show signs of grieving but rarely does a buck do so, neither do turtles, sharks or ants. Perhaps the distinguishing factor between a whale and a fish is that a whale’s brain is able to deal with these issues. At a base level, those animals that have a tendency to display emotion have to nurture their young. Take turtles, fish and crabs. None nurture their young. Hence probably an emotional bound is never established with any creature.

Dog and puppies

The McCleland household still recounts an inexplicable incident. At that stage we owned two dogs, a miniature Yorkshire Terrier – the size of an 2 month old kitten – and a Maltese Cross. After playing in the pool area, both came indoors but the miniature Yorkshire Terrier was sopping wet while the Maltese was dry. The only way in which the Yorkie could have got wet was by falling in the pool. If that account is correct, it would never have been able to climb out because it could not touch the floor of the step. The only plausible explanation is that the Maltese pulled the Yorkie out by his collar! Strange but true. If that is so, then the Maltese understood that the Yorkie required assistance as it was in dire straits.

Amazing Powerful Image of Rhino saving a baby zebra’s life!

Rhino saving a baby zebra’s life

Rhino saving a baby zebra’s life

This cat always comforts sick animals after it was rescued

Cat always comforts sick animals#1 Cat always comforts sick animals#2 Cat always comforts sick animals#3 Cat always comforts sick animals#4 Cat always comforts sick animals#5 Cat always comforts sick animals#6 Cat always comforts sick animals#7

Animals saving other animals

Animals saving other animals#1 Animals saving other animals#2 Animals saving other animals#3 Animals saving other animals#4 Animals saving other animals#5


I have never been sure that birds can grieve but this video seems to suggest otherwise


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