Fake News on Pearl Harbour

Some years ago I first received an email claiming that these stunning photographs were only found in a Brownie Box Camera recently. The photos are real but the astonishing claims made were a figment of somebody’s imagination.

Apart from this bit of fake news, another email is also circulating regarding the antics that they crew of an American B17 bomber had to perform in order to return to base in one piece. Again the pictures are not photoshopped but genuine, except that in reality there was no heroics.

Pearl Harbour#02

Attached to these photos of Pearl Harbour is the following comments: These Pearl Harbor photos were found in an old Brownie Camera which had been stored in a foot locker and just recently taken to be developed. They are from a Sailor who was on the USS Quapaw ATF-110. PEARL HARBOR – December 7th, 1941.

Pearl Harbour#03

The only accurate words are “Pearl Harbour” and the date. These photos have been in the naval archives since this deceitful and cowardly attack by the Japanese whilst in the process of negotiating with President Rooseveldt.

Pearl Harbour#04

Ironically the only country on which Hitler issued a formal declaration of war was America immediately after the Japanese attack.

Pearl Harbour#05

This attack would awaken the American people from their Isolationist slumber. Within less than a year, Japan would be on the defensive and strategically they had already lost the war.

Pearl Harbour#06

Pearl Harbour#07

Pearl Harbour#08

Pearl Harbour#09

Pearl Harbour#10

Pearl Harbour#11

Pearl Harbour#12

Pearl Harbour#13

Pearl Harbour#14


Pearl Harbour#16

Pearl Harbour#17


This was not the Brownie Box Camera which took those photographs.

Brownie box camera

Brownie box camera



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