Glenn Agliotti – Hagiographical view of a true-blood Hustler

Rating: 4 out of 5

By his own admission Glenn Agliotti is a hustler. A larger-than-life person physically & temperamentally, Glenn’s Curriculum Vitae can only list one attribute & that is being able to connect people who are involved in shady deals. That is how Glenn ultimately became involved in “donating” money to the South African National Police Commissioner, Jackie Selebi.

Without flinching, Glenn attributes the R 1m of cash gifts as helping a friend. At no point does he display remorse or a twinge of regret as he protests vehemently that it is normal to “assist” other people. Despite his protestations of innocence, it is this fact above all else which forces this book to be categorised as a hagiography.

The fact that gives the lie to this assertion is Agliotti’s decision to have separate pay-as-you-go phones for Selebi so that their conversations were untraceable.

Jackie Selebi

Jackie Selebi

Agliotti’s hail-fellow-well-met type of bonhomie was an essential character trait in convincing people of his credentials. This endearing trait immediately creates a bond which resonates with his associates.

For his contact with Jackie Selebi, Glenn is employed by Brett Kebble to become a conduit between them. For this Glenn is paid handsomely & he easily recovers his investment in Selebi.

Glenn Agliotti

Here it becomes murky for Agliotti as he becomes ensnared in the internecine warfare between the SAPS & the Scorpions who are intent on prosecuting Selebi. Under a dire threat of prosecution, Agliotti is coerced by the Scorpions to testify against Selebi much to his chagrin. But forced into a corner, Glenn has no other option.

A further fate was to befall Glenn. In spite of signed confessions by three low-life characters – McGurk, Mickey Schultz & Smith who are provided with section 204 indemnities, Glenn Agliotti is charged with Brett Kebble’s murder. At Glenn’s trial, the case against Agliotti quickly unravels & he is acquitted.


Mickey Schultz

A number of questions remain unanswered. What career has Glenn actually embarked upon given his experience & now infamous reputation? Why was Clinton Nassif the mastermind & organiser of the Three Musketeers never prosecuted for his role in Kebble’s murder.

A picture of an almost benign, affable, generous soul is portrayed. Maybe this description is acceptable to fairies but to me such types can only be viewed as low-life to be despised & never admired.

The authors give Glenn the soft touch as is depicted as a victim rather than a villain. The style of writings is easy flowing without the sexual epithets so beloved of certain books on the underworld.


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