How will we cope when the world warms up?

An indifferent or facetious response would be “Turn up the Air Conditioner.” Maybe it is possible for those of us who are office workers but what about the animals and the vegetation. How will they cope? For instance would it require that huge shade nets be strung across the fields, orchids and pastures? Would our pets be required to wear “shoes” to prevent their feet from being scorched on the hot surfaces? Would geo-engineering on a global scale come into vogue or gain acceptance? What form would it take? Currently all but the prognosticators of the future are cogitating such questions but another five years of unprecedented hot years, will in all likelihood force the climate change denialists into a corner.


Instead of an erudite discussion of these options, this blog will merely concern itself with the current mundane consequences of extremely hot weather. They are sobering as they provide food for thought.

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