Mampara for May 2014: Julius Malema

First we had young Julius, who had forgotten the good manners that his mother had taught him as a wee youth, profusely apologising to various people for his uncouth, slanderous & disparaging comments that he had made when he in charge of the ANCYL. He politely explained to Thabo “he with the pipe” Mbeki’s aged mother that he had been young and immature when he spoke those despicable and insensitive words.

Not amongst these recipients of his apologies or even a “Wishing you well in the Elections” Card were Jacob “mhsihni wami” Zuma and Lindiwe “Zilla’s tea lady” Mazibuko of the Democratic Alliance.

Then Julius confirmed his status as the unintellectual politician by attending the inauguration of the new Parliament in overalls together with the female members in their haute couture tea ladies outfits. Unfortunately Lindiwe was not in attendance as she is away studying at Harvard University so she was unable to take fashion tips for her supposed station in life.

Julius Malema #2 Keeping up his status as South Africa’s Buffoon-in-Chief, he has now recanted his former belief that he is not subject to Income Tax like the rest of South Africa. Even his ill-gotten gains will be taxed. Of course this was accompanied by yet another grovelling apology as he insisted that he was totally unaware that members of the ANC or ex-ANC had to pay tax like the rest of SA.

When Julius finally grows up in another 20 years, his apologies will have to extend to every right-thinking South African for besmirching our good names with all the illogical nonsense that he proclaims.



EFF Members in their haute coutre when being sworn in as MPs in May 2014

EFF Members in their haute coutre when being sworn in as MPs in May 2014


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