Mamparas of July 2014: The EFF’s Revolt over the Dress Code

The EFF has launched a new Liberation Struggle. It is not as inspiring and noble as the ANC fight for democracy.

I never did agree with the ANC’s methods for obtaining freedom such as necklacing and the destruction of property, but at least they had a noble cause.

In marked contrast the EFF have now discovered a much more worthy reason to commence a revolution: the latest fashion as decreed by themselves. On Friday [4th July 2014], Julius Malema declared with great verve on SABC that because the EFF members were barred from wearing overalls and maid’s uniforms to the Gauteng Legislature, they would make Gauteng ungovernable. He expounded that all 500,000 EFF voters in Gauteng would embark on mass action to obtain this sacred right.

Once this essential right had been won, probably the next items on their agenda will be hip-hop music piped into the Council Chambers and being issued with a monthly allowance for computer games. Of course one game will not suffice but they will require at least four a month or else they will overturn the coffee machines. EFF plackard

For them normal cappuccino is undignified – and definitely not Ricoffee – as it is demeaning and indicative of the ANC treating them as inferiors. The EFF will therefore demand the purchase of the world’s most expensive coffee, which is picked from the poo of a weasel-like creature, the Asian palm civet, the Kopi Luwak, which is Indonesian for civet coffee.

If the DA complains about the cost being too exorbitant at over R 100 per cup, they will lay a charge with the Equality Commission as it is merely another example of the racist DA’s attempts at preventing Blacks in South Africa from also sharing the finer things in life.


The ANC’s agenda was to raise the Blacks in South Africa to the same level as Whites whereas the EFF’s is now attempting to reverse that process to keep them in the gardens and the kitchen.

Nelson Mandela would be turning in his grave if he was aware of the EFF’s attempts to continue the efforts of Hendrik Verwoerd in suppressing Blacks.

The EFF demands the right of Blacks to be gardeners and maids and not to allow whites to usurp those jobs which have historically been reserved for the black majority.

A luta continua!

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