Mr. Simms: An Accidental Teacher

As I was unable to track down any of Mr. Simms’s surviving relatives, what better way than to utilise a brief biography of Mr. Simms written by his sister, Mrs. Maggs in 1971.

Main picture: Mr. Simms in 1971

Mr. Simms was born in Bloemfontein on New Year’s Day in the “Year Dot.” He was educated at S.A.C. in Cape Town. Mr. Simms’s career as a teacher began quite by accident. He had gone to the principal of S.A.C. in order to obtain a testimonial to apply for a job at a bank, only to be told that the ideal post at a private preparatory school was vacant. Mr. Simms applied for the job and was accepted. He began teaching there at the beginning of the next year.

Mr. Simms taught at the Western Province Preparatory for seven years and then feeling that he had come to a dead end, went to Rhodes University to qualify properly. He did his B.Sc. and U.E.D. majoring in Maths and Physics. During the University holidays he taught at Kingswood.

Mr. Simms then taught at Selbourne for 16 years before braving the Alex front. He has been here ever since and, as he says, will probably have to be carried out. Mr. Simms, who loves working with people, would definitely choose teaching again as a career, if given the chance to do so.

Mr. Simms’s favourite food is curry and rice while blues and greys are his favourite colours. He has no “pet dislikes”, not even long hair on boys, provided of course that the hair is neat, clean and not TOO long. His choice in reading includes cowboy and detective stories and also books on travel and biographies. Mr. Simms enjoys light classical music. He rates the Morris 1100 as the best car (of course) and his hobby is carpentry. Other than that, he used to do a lot of extra mural work at school – rugby, cricket and boxing. Mr. Simms has an extremely good memory. His earliest childhood recollection is of being told in 1914 of the birth of his sister.

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