Oddities Portrayed in these Unusual Photographs

Oddities prevail everywhere. Whether it is people with too much time on their hands who design the most exquisite but odd creations to an ape grooming a buck as if it were a fellow ape, the world has seen it all. Some are just happenstance – chance in modern parlance – being in the right place at the right time, such as a ship crashing into a pier or due to exquisite timing when a fish eagle catches a fish. 

All in their own way are highly unusual.  This blog reveals forty such eclectic oddities.

Main picture:   Who would want to cycle around on a toilet? Clearly the designer / builder is not out to impress the females but rather his own ego.


Do not look down


The dog is usurping the job of the dishwasher


I know what my German Shepherd Dog would have done by now

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