Only in South Africa

None of these photos require a caption as they are all self-explanatory. Not all of them were taken in South Africa as some were taken north of our borders. Once one leaves the metropolises, the real Africa intrudes. The target audience of this blog is those who never leave the malls or their housing estates as these photos capture the essence of what is means to an African as we all are.

Perhaps this blog should have been entitled, “Getting to know one’s fellow Africans”, or maybe not.

only-in-south-africa17 only-in-south-africa18 only-in-south-africa19 only-in-south-africa20 only-in-south-africa21 only-in-south-africa22 only-in-south-africa23 only-in-south-africa24 only-in-south-africa25 only-in-south-africa26 only-in-south-africa27 only-in-south-africa28 only-in-south-africa29 only-in-south-africa30 only-in-south-africa31 only-in-south-africa32 only-in-south-africa33 only-in-south-africa34 only-in-south-africa35 only-in-south-africa36 only-in-south-africa37 only-in-south-africa38 only-in-south-africa39 only-in-south-africa40 only-in-south-africa41


only-in-south-africa01 only-in-south-africa02 only-in-south-africa03 only-in-south-africa04 only-in-south-africa05 only-in-south-africa06 only-in-south-africa07 only-in-south-africa08 only-in-south-africa09 only-in-south-africa10 only-in-south-africa11 only-in-south-africa12 only-in-south-africa13 only-in-south-africa14 only-in-south-africa15


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