The Parlous the State of Education in South Africa

SADTU along with some school children have been attempting to invade schools to stop them from writing ANAs, Annual National Assessments.   They reckon that they are a waste of time but I suspect that the ANAs will expose them. In any case, they do not like doing any extra work whatsoever.

Main picture: Teaching in South Africa

With the push for free university education, some ANA (Annual National Assessment) results will illustrate how parlous the state of education is at Primary School, let alone at High Schools.  While looking at these results it must be borne in mind that Western Cape is one of the top performers and that at grade 4 level, Maths is really just basic arithmetic and very difficult to fail


Grade 6 Maths 2013
Pass Rate (%) Average Mark (%)
Greenfields Primary 96.6* 73.8
Circuit 1 73.3 62.1
Cape Town Metro Central 38.3 44.3
Western Cape 28.3 39.3

*Greenfields has 1 class per grade a one girl was mentally challenged hence the imperfect pass rate.

**Circuit 1 are schools in a reasonable proximity.  The majority are probably ex-model C schools.


As the net is thrown wider, the marks deteriorate until they are quite pathetic.


Source: Blaine McCleland

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