Religious Intolerance: A 21st Century Version of Censorship

This concept theoretically is the antithesis of what most religions espouse yet why is this unworthy attribute so in evidence of late?

This concept should be vigorously opposed by all right-thinking people otherwise we too will be condemned like the Germans in the early 1930’s who through inaction & supine behaviour, forsook their rights and allowed the dictator, Adolf Hitler, to usurp power.

Like the war-fearing British Prime Minister, Neville Chamberlain with his distinctive umbrella in attendance, such appeasement is demonstrably shown to encourage the Hitler’s of this world to reckless disregard the rights of others by their opponent’s muted and tame response.

Muslim demonstration#2

The likes of Boko Haram are rampaging through northern Nigeria and who only last week, despatched a 10 year old girl-child with a suicide vest into a crowded market. To abuse the trust of such a young child shows a wilful disregard for human rights. The Taliban in northern Pakistan and Afghanistan is composed of the same ilk. They murder schoolgirls for the offence of having the audacity to attend school.

In many parts of the world apostasy, or the abandonment of one’s religious faith, is considered as a capital offence for which the death penalty is meted out.

Cover - The Life of Pi

In the movie entitled, The Life of Pi, a juvenile Pi Patel illustrates a more humane and caring version of religion in which he serially becomes entranced by Islam, Hinduism, and finally Catholicism. He explores each in turn and ultimately decides on which religion suits him. Herein lies the fatal flaw of religion. How is one’s religion decided? Not like Pi by a process of investigation and appraisal but merely by happenstance: one’s biological parent’s religion. In many parts of the world like in the case of Pakistan, apostasy or deciding to adopt another religion is viewed as being akin to murder for which the ultimate price must be paid.

Secondly many religions consider it their duty to prevent one from exercising one’s free will and exhort anybody to live their life according to that religion. In a democracy such an ideal is their right but in many countries one is not allowed am option as one is forced to comply with such religious dictates.

This attitude belies or invalidates the assumption of a loving religion as avowed by their doctrine. This smoke screen beguiles the unsuspecting person to accept such assurances at their face value.

Muslim demonstration#5

As the maxim states, “Actions Speak Louder than Words.”

Judge for yourself.




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