Review of the Exhibition entitled The Days of the Dinosaur

This exhibition is currently being held at the Sandton Convention Centre. It comprises life-size models of dinosaurs and a 25 minute 3D movie. Naturally the attraction for most people is not the Dino Face Painting or Dino Shop which are designed to attract the children and the parent’s wallets, but the exhibition itself.

The life-size models are each designed not only to roar but to move – not as in walk which would have been spectacular – but rather to move their body parts – their tails, their necks and even their eyes.



This provides one with a true understanding of their enormity especially as regards the larger varieties. From a personal perspective, there were three prehistoric creatures that have always fascinated me. Oddly enough first on my list is not a genuine dinosaur as such but the flying variety – the Archaeopteryx. How this ungainly creature managed to fly is astonishing but it was the precursor of its graceful descendants – birds.

The next on my personal wish list was the renowned Tyrannosaurus Rex. It huge size and potential immobility belies its agility and nimbleness when chasing its prey. As a carnivore, its distinction feature is its two rows of dagger-like teeth which could surely tear its prey to shreds.

The final creature on my list was the gigantic but placid Brontosaurus. Being life-size, it is clearly evident that it dwarfed the T-Rex in stature but having four legs instead of the T-Rex’s two stubby forearms, it is vaguely similar to modern day animals. Being a herbivore, it must literally have consumed acres of vegetation every day to satiate its hunger.

Next on the agenda is a 25 minute 3D movie. This was hugely disappointing as it was more about the evolution of the earth as opposed to viewing dinosaurs. In fact of the total length of the movie, less than 5 minutes was devoted to this subject.


Tyrannosaurus Rex

Tyrannosaurus Rex

















The full duration of both parts of the show is no more than one hour. Instead one is then encouraged to have a snack. Like many such shows, they are overpriced and mediocre.



Aspect Rating out of 10
Exhibition 8
Film show 2
Snacks 4
Overall 5


This is a show designed for the kids. In this respect it is highly recommended except for the movie. It might appeal to older children but would not be of interest to younger viewers. As the exhibits make realistic movements it is huge improvement over a static display.

The movie was disappointing. There have been far better shows on DSTV. Apart from this fact, I would have expected the film to have largely been about dinosaurs instead of the formation of the earth.


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