Seriously Weird Houses

Some people are different especially when they do not want contact with other people. In that case, they will go to extreme lengths to obtain seclusion. Others want their house to be unique. Whatever their reasons, all of these houses reflect the iconoclastic nature of these individuals.

Main picture: Did the finance bank factor in an elevated rate of melting based upon the latest outlook of global warming?

Really weird houses#09

Does the owner have a fetish for bridges?

Really weird houses#08

Do these houses have a damp warranty?

Really weird houses#07

Is this one hurricane proof?

Really weird houses#06

What the hell?

Really weird houses#05

Look at the ladder that one has to climb up in order to enter the house

Really weird houses#04

How did the car get into that garage?

Really weird houses#03

Won’t the occupants one day wake up with a crack?

Really weird houses#02

Obviously built between the two rocks in order to protect the house against wind

Really weird houses

Just unhook the cable if you do not want visitors





  1. Fantastic! And thank you so much for all the links to the other pictures you have previously posted. I had a great time looking at them!


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