Shutter Island – Psychological drama of the highest order

Rating: 5 out of 5

This movie has all the hallmarks of an excellent psychological drama. Firstly the weather is appalling. After arriving at Shutter Island with a colleague who he has never worked with beforehand to investigate the disappearance of an inmate of the psychiatric hospital, the weather closes in. The role of the police official, a US Marshall Teddy Daniels is played by Leonardo DiCaprio.

As he begins interviewing various persons he gets the impression that he is being treated as a fool with misrepresentations of the facts being the order of the day.   When DiCaprio’s colleague – Chuck Aule – goes to the loo, an inmate passes a piece of paper with the number 47 on it to DiCaprio. He quickly connects that number to the supposed number of inmates in the prison being 46.

Without a warning, the missing inmate, Rachel, re-appears but she is evasive about her whereabouts for the past few days. Rachel has been incarcerated in this hospital as it caters for the criminally insane having killed her three children.

A Dr. Crawley played by Ben Kingsley is the diligent doctor who assiduously treats these criminally insane inmates as if their condition is treatable.

Teddy Daniels – DiCaprio – is fighting his own demons having been in Dachau on its liberation.

When DiCaprio decides to investigate a lighthouse, he is confronted by the chief medical officer, Dr Crawley, who alleges that he in fact another person who is guilty of murder of Rachel’s children. DiCaprio is confused but refutes all the allegations.

Ensnared within the net on an isolated island with his colleague, Chuck Aule, being revealed as a co-conspirator, DiCaprio is trapped. Instead of assisting DiCaprio, he is in reality in cahoots with Dr Crawley.

Martin Scorsese has produced a movie of the highest order with splendid photography. It has all the hallmarks of a first rate suspense thriller & psychological drama conflated in one movie. This movie deserves to be watched especially on Blu-ray where the excellent photography can be fully appreciated.



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