Port Elizabeth of Yore: Lake Farm in Kragga Kamma

Initially the area known as Kragga Kamma stretched all the way from the Van Stadens River to the headwaters of the Baakens River. Included in this vast portion of land was a lake then called Klaas Niemand’s Lake but now renamed Lake Farm. Replenishing the lake is a short feeble stream called grandiosely Klaas Niemand River. Correctly speaking such a lake can be referred to as an “endorheic” lake, id est, that is one with no outflow.

Main picture: Lake Farm. The picture was obviously taken many years ago as the Lake has sadly not looked like this for years.  The probable reason for this is the curtailment of the water flow due to the building of farm dams for their cattle.

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Port Elizabeth of Yore: Kragga Kamma-Once an Animal Eden

Up until the late 1700s, this area was teaming with wild game with large herds of elephants abounding. Various explorers and adventurers attested to the fact that this part of the country once boasted incredibly dense populations of most of the species encountered in South Africa. Until recently, none of these animals could be seen in this area anymore. Now, a recently opened game park has put this to rights. Originally the area referred to as Kragga Kamma extended from the Van Stadens River across to the headwatersof the Baakens River.

This blog has been largely based on the Heritage Impact Assessment by Jenny Bennie, the Gazetteer by Logie and Harradine and the assistance of Erica Clark.

Main picture: The focal point of Kragga Kamma is the homestead of Henry Bailey Christian from 1889 to 1892 

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