Corruption in Action: An R11m Bridge in Qwaqwa

A report about two decades ago by a reputable development agency stated that the cost of infrastructural development in Africa was up to ten times most expensive than what it is supposed to be through cost inflation as a consequence of corruption. They sited the case of a modest dam in Kenya which had cost at least five times more than it should have cost. 

Hidden from public view, South Africa also has contracted this contagion. This is an example of the same phenomena occurring in our own homeland. 

These photos were taken at the opening of this impressive bridge

Main picture: Opening a R11m bridge in Qwaqwa

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Port Elizabeth of Yore: The Old Gamtoos River Bridge

Like all river crossings before the advent of pontoons and later bridges, the travellers could only cross the river at locations sufficiently far inland so as not to be affected by tidal inflows while still being as close to the coast as possible. Furthermore both of the ingress and egress points had to be characterised by gentle slopes. 

This blog covers the evolution of the crossing of the Gamtoos River from pontoon to a single lane bridge. 

Main picture: Ferry across the Gamtoos River

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