Port Elizabeth of Yore: Early Port Elizabeth by Lawrence Green

Lawrence Green’s book Harbours of Memory sketches what the port cities of South Africa during the late nineteenth and early twentieth century’s were like. It provides a vivid depiction of life in those days. This blog covers excerpts of his musings and prognostications on early Port Elizabeth’s harbour and shipping activities, its different communities, its highways and byways and the characters that inhabit it. 

Main pictures: Baakens Valley in the 1860s

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IQ & Brain Size: Are they the Sole Arbiters of One’s Worth?



To buttress their arguments regarding the inherent superiority of the white races, various right wing research institutes started measuring & comparing the IQs & Brain Sizes of the various races throughout the world.

Their initial results seemed to confirm their proposition thereby corroborating their racist beliefs regarding the abilities of various races.

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