History of the Wood’s Family in Schoenmakerskop

Humans understand facts by categorising them in multiple ways. The most utilised method is a three way distinction. In reality this method, whilst providing simple solutions, most are completely incorrect as it does not allow for nuances as life is a shade of grey and not black or white. Hence incorrect conclusions are derived. Despite these reservations in this blog I have used the classification the Good, the Bad and the Extraordinary. According to this methodology, Clarence Wood can be classified as extraordinary.

Do you concur?

Note that the Woods referred to are not Ashley and Doreen Woods of number 36, but rather Clarence Wood of number 44.

This is the Wood’s story as recounted by Rosemary MacGeoghegan [nee Wood] with additional information provided by sundry other people.

Main picture: William, Elize and Harry Wood in South End in 1864

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