Mampara for May 2014: Julius Malema

First we had young Julius, who had forgotten the good manners that his mother had taught him as a wee youth, profusely apologising to various people for his uncouth, slanderous & disparaging comments that he had made when he in charge of the ANCYL. He politely explained to Thabo “he with the pipe” Mbeki’s aged mother that he had been young and immature when he spoke those despicable and insensitive words.

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Skin Colour as a Proxy for Preference in the New South Africa

A personal view – March 2014


For me, the recent debate within the DA about race-based BEE work practices brought this issue to the fore. Whilst acknowledging the iniquities of Apartheid, the methods employed by the current ANC government to ameliorate the situation stuck in the craw. Maybe my hopes for a colour blind future in South Africa were derailed along with the debate.

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South African Elections 2014: Vox Populi – The People have Spoken

A Personal View  –  9th May 2014

Barring a dramatic event, the final outcome of the 2014 Election is already known with the ANC retaining power but with a reduced majority. The Democratic Alliance made substantial gains by increasing their share of the vote by 29.8%. Many of the smaller parties were all but eliminated with the Cope’s tally being reduced by 90%, the once powerful IFP by 44.4% and the ACDP by 33.3%. Even the much favoured Agang did not make an impression as it only gathered one seat, that of Mamphela Ramphele.

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Elections May 2014: Vote for the Future, Not for the Past

A Personal View – April 2014

This affliction pervades all political parties contesting this crunch election, but the ANC more than most.

Firstly the ANC. What message is the ANC campaigning on? Its glorious past. By providing South Africa with an inclusive future not comprising disparate races, it has undoubtedly done South Africa a huge service. One can never detract from this momentous achievement but what does South Africa now have: crony capitalism, moral turpitude on a grand scale & ineffective government in most spheres?

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