A.J. Montgomery: Part 6 – Skirmishes through the Free State to the Vaal

A member of the 10th Hussars and a survivor of the sinking of the SS Ismore near Paternoster, Arthur John Montgomery recounts his part in the successful routing of the Boer forces in the Orange Free State and the Transvaal. In this episode Arthur Montgomery recalls his part in the various skirmishes after the defeat at Sanna’s Post 16 miles outside Bloemfontein, all the way to the Vaal, thereby occupying the Free State. 

AJ’s narrative has been edited for readability and grammar, but it still largely remains the voice of the author narrating his impressions, concerns and fears while providing vivid pictures of war across the dry, dusty and wind-swept plains of the Free State

 Main picture: Painting of A.J. Montgomery of the 10th Hussars

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