Port Elizabeth’s Driftsands and Dune Fields: Nature’s Equilibrium Disturbed

Interfering with Mother Nature might not produce a Newtonian response i.e. an action is followed by an equal and opposite reaction. Rather it generates sometimes arbitrary unintended consequences but responses nevertheless. In the case of Port Elizabeth, there has been interference with nature on a vast scale in the southeast area relating to the driftsands and the dune fields. 

The ultimate consequence of these ill-conceived projects to redirect nature will result in the denuding of all the main beaches in Port Elizabeth, stripping Port Elizabeth of a potential lucrative tourist asset. 

Main picture: Map showing the dune field systems in 1890. Summerstrand and Humewood were just one big sand dune

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Port Elizabeth of Yore: Memorials to the Fallen in War

Port Elizabeth is home to a number of memorials which recognise the sacrifice of the men of Port Elizabeth in past wars. 

This blog will only cover three of them starting with the least known, the Grey High School war memorial. Then I will cover the memorial of the Prince Alfred Guards and then finally the Cenotaph in St George’s Park. 

Main picture: Unveiling of the Prince Alfred Guard’s Memorial

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