Port Elizabeth of Yore: Rietheuwel aka Balmoral aka Amanzi

For at least 70,000 years, if not more, humans have passed through here. Evidence of human presence at this location is visible in the form of large hand axes, cleavers, cores, and flake tools. These are the tools of the Acheulian culture. No other evidence of their existence can be traced. With primitive shelters constructed of natural vegetation by peripatetic people and soil of high acidity which eroded the bones, all traces and signs of human presence were swiftly obliterated.

This blog covers the estate in the Coega River Valley from its initial “owners” 70,000 years ago through its more civilised iterations as initially being Rietheuwel, then subsequently Balmoral and most recently Amanzi Estate owned by Sir Percy FitzPatrick.

Main picture: Original house on Rietheuwel

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Port Elizabeth of Yore: Its Inhabitants in 1822

Port Elizabeth is fortunate in having somebody who prepared a list of its inhabitants at the inception of the town itself. Without a functioning civil authority, nothing is recorded, let alone a population register.  

This blog lists Port Elizabeth’s inhabitants in 1822 together with a biographical sketch of some of them. 

Main picture: Port Elizabeth in 1823

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