Hlaudi Motsoeneng awarded a Permanent Number as a Mampara

In the running fraternity in South Africa, one is awarded a Permanent Number for completing a certain number of a specific race. In the case of the Comrades, it is 10 finishes within the cut-off time. For the runner it is regarded as a prestigious award and an honour which is conferred on one. It is indicative of one’s dedication and hard work in obtaining this exalted award. Similarly with Hlaudi. He has gone beyond the call of duty in his management and leadership of the SABC. Thus he is a worthy recipient of this illustrious award for 2015. It requires a particular breed of ignoramus and imbecile to be awarded this noteworthy prize.

Firstly a brief look at Hlaudi’s stellar academic achievements. As far as can be ascertained, Hlaudi distinguished himself by obtaining a Standard 3 pass. It is still unclear whether this was a first class pass with distinctions or whether he obtained an F for Woodworking like another eminent colleague, Juju aka Julius Malema.

Main picture: The teflon coated man in his armour plated suit escapes yet again

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Mamparas for the week ended 11th January 2015

The Al-Qaeda Islamic militants in Paris might have been the recipients of the award for the most centimetres of newspaper space across the globe devoted to their dastardy deeds this week, but Boko Haram – meaning literally Western Education is Forbidden – indisputably won the prize for the Mamparas of the week.

An explosive vest was strapped to the body of a 10 year old girl who was then sent to saunter through a crowded market in Gambaru, Nigeria. It is not certain whether this girl herself set off the explosives or whether they were linked to a Cellphone so that her leader could set it off at the appropriate time. Whatever it was, the result was 16 deaths.

Classifying this terrorist group as Mamparas is not harsh enough. They are worse than cold-blooded killers as the use of impressionable callow youngsters is despicable.

Main picture: Attack by Boko Haram

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