Port Elizabeth of Yore: The Artillery Piece in the Market Square

Since 1863, the obelisk had occupied pride of place in Market Square. After 48 years, it had almost become synonymous with the centre of Port Elizabeth with its water troughs serving as a vital drinking place for thirsty horses. On 4 March 1921 the obelisk was be dethroned to be replaced by the S.A. Heavy Artillery memorial in the form of a howitzer.

Would this memorial gain the cachet of the obelisk or would it be ignominiously removed unlamented? Only time would tell.

Main picture: The howitzer on a granite plinth in Market Square in 1926

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Port Elizabeth of Yore: Market Square Through the Ages

From a position of being the focus point of trade in Port Elizabeth in the first fifty years of Port Elizabeth’s existence to its position where it now occupies the lowly position as a parking space for the members of the Metropolitan Council.  

Its name change over the years reflected this change. From Market Square to Mayor’s Garden to Vuyisile Mini Square.  

Main picture: Ox Wagens filled Market Square all days of the week except Sundays

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