Port Elizabeth of Yore: Japanese warplanes over PE during WW2

In 1942, Port Elizabeth had some unwelcome aerial visitors. During the period 20-27th April, unidentified aircraft flew over South African ports, including Port Elizabeth. Fighters were scrambled but they never made any contact with the intruders. It was only after the war that researchers and historians found out more about these mysterious visitors. 

Main picture: The Yokosuka E14Y “Glen” Scout Plane painted by Ron Belling

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Japanese Economic Malaise: What should Shinzo Abe do?

A Personal View – April 2014

Six decades ago Japan surrendered after an atomic bomb obliterated Nagasaki. It convinced Emperor Hirohito that fighting to the last man, woman & child would be calamitous for the Japanese.

A new war commenced; economic growth with industrialists such as Marita Akio of Sony at the forefront. Her economy was export driven with vehicle manufacturers such as Toyota together with the electronics producers comprising the battering ram.

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