A.J. Montgomery: Part 4 – The Relief of Kimberley

A member of the 10th Hussars and a survivor of the sinking of the SS Ismore near Paternoster, Arthur John Montgomery recounts his part in the successful routing of the Boer forces in the Orange Free State and the Transvaal. In this episode, Arthur Montgomery recalls his part in the Relief of Kimberley.

AJ’s narrative has been edited for readability and grammar, but it still largely remains the voice of the author narrating his impressions, concerns and fears while providing vivid images of war with Imperial Forces still using swords and lances against the wily Boers with their superior fieldcraft using Mausers.

Main picture: Painting of AJ Montgomery of the 10th Hussars

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Rhodes: The Enigma of his Close Male Personal Relationships

Rhodes’ legacy was immense but not always positive. Consider the Jameson Raid and his duplicitous and mendacious treatment of Lobengula, King of the Matabele as the Ndebele were called by the Whites. Today he would be characterised as being Machiavellian. Be that as it may but what were his close male personal relationships like?

On his arrival at the diamond fields in Kimberley in October 1871 as an 18 year old, Cecil John Rhodes was a tall, lanky, anaemic, fair-haired boy, shy and reserved in bearing. As an adolescent he was sickly. As such it had been recommended that he join his elder brother Herbert who was living in South Africa.

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