Michael Wittmann and the Tiger 1 Tank

A Metaphor of German Brilliance and Flawed Thinking in WW2

Wittmann and the Tiger 1 represented the very best of German manhood and Engineering. Joined together they represented an invincible combination. Both had fatal flaws.

Michael Wittmann was emblematic of WW2 German Panzer Tank Commanders. He was credited with the destruction of 138 tanks and 132 anti-tank guns, along with an unknown number of other armoured vehicles, making him one of Germany’s top scoring panzer aces, together with Johannes Bölter, Ernst Barkmann, Otto Carius and Kurt Knispel who was the top scoring ace of the war with 168 tank kills.

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The Victoria Cross: What it takes to Acquire One

The use of an obtuse title with the word acquire instead of earn in it was purposeful as Victoria Crosses can be acquired but not earned. Currently the unissued medals total seven waiting to be awarded. They are valued at a paltry £1.80 each. Essentially this junk metal is worthless. On the other hand, the issued medals are estimated to be worth between £150,000 & £250, 000. The physical differences between the two versions are the details engraved on its rear: the name of the recipient, the Regiment & the date of the action.

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