Vintage Photographs

None of these photographs represent earth shattering events. Rather they are old photographs that provide a view on the minutiae of an older age. That age cannot be accorded the epithet of gracious, rather it should be have the appellation of a bygone age.

All of them are part of the National Geographic Found series

Main picture: A British airman gives a signal to another friendly aircraft, 1918

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An Array of Stunning Photographs

Perhaps this series of photographs should be called eclectic as there is no overarching theme aside from their evident beauty. Perhaps one can invent a collective noun for stunning photographs. I propose an old English word now is disuse but which I can still recall from studying Latin under the tutelage of Mr Wright at Alexander Road High School in the late 1960’s. How about pulchritude of photographs? No. It doesn’t take your fancy. Too old fashioned?


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Quintessential Images of Various Countries

Every country has its own set of images which evokes the essence of that country; England with its lush verdant fields, Norway with its fjords and Japan’s paddy fields. Each of these photographs will evoke such a response: “It only happens in…………”

Main picture: This was an easy one. Of course it could only be Australia where one would take a pet kangaroo to the supermarket.

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Animals in Unusual Poses

This is a series of photographs with animals in different poses, some fatuous and others charming but all evoke a pleasing response. Is this an animal’s innate ability or do they surreptitiously attend acting and drama lessons when their owners are not at home? Whatever the truth of these assertions, pets, especially kittens and puppies with their cute adorable expressions, make their actions even more lovable.

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