Port Elizabeth of Yore: The Mystery House at the S-Bend

The large dwelling at the S-Bend on the road to Humewood was erected in 1894/5 for the Harbour Manager, RH Hammersley-Heenen, resident engineer and general manager of the South African Railways. When first built, the house had a beautiful position next to rocks and sand and close to the sea. It was only with the construction of the breakwater in the 1920s, that the beach expanded as sand accumulated against the obstacle.

Main picture: House given the Welsh name Lenherne

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Port of Elizabeth: Royal Visit of 1947

Unlike more recent Royal visits, the visit by the Royal Family to South Africa in 1947 was a full marathon and not a 100-metre dash. It was a two-month swirl of introductions, photographs, handshakes, toasts and speeches. Even the vivacious Princess Elizabeth, the heir apparent, was afforded the opportunity to make a speech, her first. The two-month long sojourn to a land on the cusp of fundamental change, would include two days, the 26th & the 27th February 1947, to make the acquaintance of the peoples of arguably the most English city in South Africa, Port Elizabeth.

Main picture:
Brigadier Arthur Coy with the Mayor of PE, Mr Neave, inspecting the Ex Servicemen with the King and Queen at Crusaders ground, St. George’s Park in February 1947. The princesses Elizabeth and Margaret were in attendance. There was a garden party in Victoria Park afterwards.

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