Renewables Footprint to Meet Energy Requirements

A TED Talk about the reality of renewables set the cat amongst the pigeons – in my mind at least. Most people are unaware of the energy intensity of fossil fuels vis-à-vis renewals whether biofuels, solar or wind power which means that the facilities to produce the latter are so much larger.. Furthermore, renewables such as solar and wind power are subject to the vagaries of the weather as well as the diurnal cycle. These factors confound the issue of reliable 24/7 power  requiring alternative energy sources such as batteries, open [or closed] cycle gas turbines or pumped storage schemes to meet such shortfalls.

Main picture: The future blight on the landscape. Wind turbines on all available land in windy regions

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Envisioning the Future

With Janine at the Life Groenkloof hospital in Pretoria, I have been spending about four hours a day in my BMW. The time has not been wasted. The time has been used to envisage the future and to question why things are performed in the current manner. Trapped within my car with me, Alesha has been forced to endure my thought processes and speculative rantings. 

Amongst the topics discussed have been whether the university degree in its current format was dead, the future of the car radio & modern forms of electricity generation. 

Pictures: All of the pictures in this blog do not relate to the topics addressed but rather they reflect the wonder and beauty of nature 

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