Wild Fig Trees in Port Elizabeth

Strangely, as a youngster in Port Elizabeth I harboured a love hate relationship with trees. The Syringa tree in my Aunt Thelma’s back yard was the best. The three of us kids – Cheryl included – would attempt to climb to the top most branches. I loved it for the challenge. 

On the other hand, what I loved for its beauty was the Wild Fig, which we drove past every Sunday on our way to Granny Mac. This was just a passing acquaintance but the visit to Trinder Square was the real deal, an enchanted affair. Whenever we visited out cousins staying in Pearson Street, this is where we would play. Unlike the Syringa, one could not climb it, but only admire it. 

Main picture: Wild Fig trees in Trinder Square

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Port Elizabeth of Yore: Trinder Square –

As a young child I had an aversion to trees. Most trees but not the Wild Fig tree. There was something enchanting even mystical about their giant protruding roots. Perhaps this affinity arose due to playing in Trinder Square with its veritable forest of wild fig trees. This arose due to my cousins staying in Pearson Avenue which is no more than a block away.

Main picture: Trinder Square in 1867 

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