The Root of Good and Evil

History did not end with the fall of Berlin’s “Schandmauer”, the “Wall of Shame” which brought down the shabby, rusted “Iron Curtain” of Communism upheld by outrageous “Stasi” and KGB violations of the most fundamental human right: Security defined as “Freedom from Fear”.

No! History is being perpetuated with daily human rights violations by over-grown school bullies running purported democracies with the support of anti-social voters who were mal-conditioned by parents, peers and majority electorates to believe that “might is right” and security must be sought from the worst bully they could possibly vote for.

Ruthless strongmen like Putin, Trump, Boris and Kim Jong-un have their trigger fingers on the nuclear holocausts threatening to end the world even before the climate change driven by unfettered incineration of rain forests that once produced the oversupply of oxygen necessary to sustain gigantic dinosaurs.

Now the melting ice caps of the Arctic and Antarctic threaten to reverse the geo-magnetic poles operating exactly like the polarization of hostile, deadly conflict under the “might-is-right” world view currently destroying civilizations across the world.

The solution lies in security defined as “freedom from fear”, the most fundamental of all rights defended by the central nervous systems of all sentient creatures — to the point of heroism and martyrdom in humans, across bloodlines and species, in defiance of the “selfish gene”.

That is the “holy grail” of morality which has eluded the human and social sciences.

It requires no more than “fairness, equity and justice”, which everybody deserves, and nobody can be denied.

It costs nothing because we owe it even to our worst enemy, if we have the self-respect (honor) to defend it with our own lives, like countless, uncelebrated journalists and whistle-blowers assassinated for exposing the scoundrels currently parading their shame even as naked emperors of the whole world.

To achieve this, we have to ensure that little children’s rights are not abused, even by our next-door neighbor when we ignore their screams of terror over abuses inflicted on their own mother, if not themselves.

The notion that might is right is the root of all evil.

We need to uproot it from the earliest infancy of children evolved to internalize love, by reciprocating the smiles of their mother, and to extend them to all who respect their most fundamental right to freedom from fear demanded by the central nervous systems of all sentient creatures.

Children whose right to freedom from fear is violated by even their closest relatives, caregivers, peers and elected leaders, grow up as school bullies and strongmen of the kind currently destroying their own nations and the world at large. If they don’t make it to the top of that feeding frenzy, they elect the rapists, looters and pillagers they sought to become, and kowtow to them in obsequious subservience. Some even stone innocent motorists, fire slingshots at police and burn schools and university libraries in South Africa.

“But Jesus said, ‘Suffer little children, and forbid them not, to come unto me: for of such is the kingdom of heaven.” Matthew 19:14 King James Version


The root of all good lies in Christ’s “Golden Rule” of “doing unto others as you would have them do unto you”. That is the summation of the scientifically verifiable formula for a perfect “open society” under perfect leaders and heroes most likely to survive, prosper, propagate and evolve.

It’s the scientifically substantiated outcome of involuntary social emotions unleashed instantly, “autonomically”, i.e. involuntarily, in response to every threat to security, by a “Sixth Sense”, the Sense of Security (amygdala) which dominates our central nervous system to safeguard our deepest need, freedom from fear.

It takes no more than the fairness, equity and justice demanded by our central nervous system to beat all threats and violations of rights securing our freedom from fear.

Try it!

But don’t impose “fairness, equity and justice” on anybody, because they are the right of all victims, and not dispensable by the whims of their unprovoked aggressors, oppressors and violators of freedom from fear.

Those who live by the sword suffer the consequences, like Napoleon Bonaparte exiled to St Helena, Julius Caesar stabbed by his own senators, and Nicolae Ceaușescu of Romania, executed by a firing squad of bodyguards who cast lots for that privilege.

There is much more to be said, like Gandhi’s Truth of Satyagraha, i.e. that freedom from fear cannot be restored by the brute force of Marxist revolutions.

Incontrovertible proof of it all can be found in countless examples of heroism and martyrdom displayed in cataclysmic clashes of civilization and everyday emergencies, like a friend’s death trying to save his drowning child. Given time, I hope to highlight some of these.

Human nature’s natural inclination to defend fairness, equity and justice has also been proved in replicable experiments by Prof Ernst Fehr of the University of Zurich, who showed that even minor transgressions provoke selfless, “altruistic punishment” — even from third-parties. The latter include impartial bystanders, documented elsewhere to have risked their lives for others in massacres committed at the University of Texas in 1966 and at Columbine High School in 1999. Third-parties even liberated South Africa from Apartheid without resorting to the ineffectual “barrel of the gun”.

I wonder whether Prof Fehr’s principles can ever prevail in the seriously perverted society of South African self-destruction. That is where little children in cardboard and tin shanties of squatter camps fear human predators at night, when they have to relieve themselves in bucket toilets outside.

Let’s find out whether the depravity of South Africa’s “born frees” is as bad as displayed in the “fees must fall” violence that drove a most distinguished professor to depression and suicide.


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