Trail Run in the Rhenosterspruit Nature Conservancy

Trail Runs are not my favourite form of running for two reasons: Invariably I trip and fall and secondly because, unlike road running, one can never get into a steady stride. As such, it is a case of changing gears all the time which is tiring. However it does have some advantages such as viewing some of the stunning places within less than an hour’s drive from Joburg.

This morning’s 15km trail run was held in the Rhenosterspruit Nature Conservancy just off the R511 to Pretoria. Starting at a drug rehabilitation Centre called Netso Plaas – Just so Farm – the owner must be a Rudyard Kipling fan as Kipling is famous for his Just So stories.

With no races on the Road Running Calendar this morning, this Trail Run came to our rescue.

Share the magic of an early morning run through typical Highveld grassland.

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  1. Hi Dean
    Lovely pictures! Are they taken with an Ipone? Would have thought you would not have time to admire the scenery, never mind taking photographs! I thought you had given up running?

    • Hi Frik, Yes, they were taken with my iPhone. I couldn’t resist taking them because the scenery was so spectacular. One could expect to view a pride of lions of a herd of elephant trumpeting in the distance. I am still running if one can call it that.


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