Unexpected photos of the Wehrmacht during WW2

The most widely used photographs of German troops during WW2 reflect a martial disposition from the menacing Tiger tank to steely eyed troops firing MG42 machine guns. None of the photographs used below would ever appear in official histories of the war.

Even though they might reflect the humanity of the ordinary German soldier, this blog does not in any way endorse the behaviour of the Nazi regime or the German military forces.

Main picture: German soldier sharing water with a baby

An SS soldier casually chats with Russian women
An SS soldier casually chats with Russian women
German soldier applies a pressure dressing to an injured Russian woman
An SS soldier receives food from a child

German soldier shares food with an orphaned child

German soldier shares rations with a Russian woman and her baby

German soldier teaches a French girl how to ride a bike

German soldiers comfort an orphaned child

German soldiers having a snowball fight

German soldiers playing with a pram

German soldiers pose for a funny photo

Finally Wehrmacht soldiers in a typically expected pose

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