When a Coalition of Cheetahs comes for a Closer Investigation

What happens when a coalition of cheetahs takes the injunction to do some of their own game viewing to a new level; except that in this case the animals which they wish to perform a closer inspection of, are humans. Bereft of options, the human animals had the presence of mind to remain calm and rather to shoot them – on camera of course. The expression of one of the human under surveillance is indicative of both surprise and anxiety.

The real reason for the cheetahs clambering upon the land rover become instantly clear. It was not hostile intent or to satisfy their hunger pangs but rather to use the height of the vehicle as a vantage point to perform some game viewing of their own.

If these photographs had not been taken, none of the individuals would have been believed when they returned with tales of having a tet-a-tet with a coalition of cheetahs.

Main picture: An anxious moment is shared with no amicable wave

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